Breakfast Suppliers

  • We HATE Food Miles with a passion 
  • We LOVE local, good quality produce, especially if it's organic
  • We grow our own where possible - tomatoes, herbs, summer berries, apples, pears, plums - we've even got a lemon tree and aa grape vine (delicious)
  • We go FIRST for quality, then for local, then for organic, then for Fair Trade (Only for non-local stuff, obviously)

This is what we demand of our suppliers.  Some of our favourite ones are shown below.  




The business is based in The Fisherman’s Kitchen in Seahouses complete with the original smokehouses, which have operated on this site since 1843. In fact, the site is even credited as being one of the possible places where in fact the modern “Kipper” was actually invented! Today Swallowfish employ the very same methods of smoking as were performed on this site all those years ago. They use traditional oak sawdust which has no additives, preservatives or colourings of any kind and let the natural flavours speak for themselves.

Rington's Tea and Coffee

We've completely failed at growing our own tea & coffee (truth to tell, we haven't even tried), and, instead, rely on Ringtons of Newcastle to supply us with the best tea and coffee that we've tried. The Ringtons story began in Newcastle in 1907 when founder Sam Smith began trading in tea, and delivering to customers’ homes via horse and cart. Over the last 99 years the business has continued to grow via this traditional distribution method and today serves 400,000 customers. Throughout this time the business has flourished through a focus on quality and service, and these values are central to everything that Ringtons do.

Coates Butchers

Coates Butchers supply locally sourced organic pork, dry-cured by their own fair hands

Gilchesters Organics

Now that we bake our own bread, it was important to us to find real local flour to use - and we've found a cracker! We're using Gilchester Organics' Stoneground Organic flours. Phew! just reading the names is a meal in itself! The bread, however is lovely - fragrant, aromatic and not too sweet or too salty.

Clarks Eggs

Way back in 1926 Nelson Clark decided to produce and sell fresh farm eggs. Being an old fashioned man he based the business upon good old fashion values - excellence, customer service and pride. These values are very much alive and well today and as Clarks continues to thrive they'd like to think that old Nelson would be proud of how his little business has remained true to his wishes. We at Dowfold House Bed and Breakfast are certainly big fans - really lovely free-range eggs

Fruitful Durham

These are the guys who press our apples into delicious apple juice. Fruitful Durham is a Social Enterprise (CIC), based in a village called Bearpark near Durham, who collect surplus fruit and make pure Durham apple juice, fruit cordials, jams, jellies, chutneys and pickles. For those who would like to enjoy the juice made from their own apples we run a juicing service which can include personalised labels.

The Fruit Pig Company

We are an East Anglian-based butchery producing fine puddings and bacons from traditional breeds for restaurants, delis and pubs and online to all lovers of good food. We supply the likes of Tom Aikens, Tom Kerridge, Jamie Oliver, The Duck & Waffle, Jimmy's Farm and The Hawksmoor to name but a few. For home deliveries.... just click and buy. Our specialist butchery has gained many awards. Our Fresh blood black pudding is extremely rare and has a passionate national following. Our bacons are traditional and slowly dry cured - whether it’s our popular back bacons or more exotic cuts like our cheek bacon - Guanciale or mutton bacon. We also make delicious Paleo-friendly produce too.