Dowfold House Recipes

As those who stay here can attest, we're a bit keen on our food.  We grow, assemble make or bake as much of it as we can - and we occasionally get asked to provide the recipes, which we're pleased to do.  Here are a few of the most popular.  others will follow in due course.

The Dowfold House Full English

Dowfold House Kedgeree

We get such delicious fish from our suppliers in Seahouses, Swallowfish, that we try to do something special with it. Kedgeree, based on smoked haddock, is definitely a minority interest, but those who choose it tend to come back for it, year after year... Click on the picture to get a copy of the recipe.

Dowfold House Potato Bread

As a bred (but not born - blame the RAF) Irishman, Rupert couldn't resist including potato bread as part of the Dowfold House Full English Breakfast. Some guests have said how much they like it, so you can either buy some to take away or use the recipe to make your own. It's virtually foolproof.