Local Events

This page shows some of the best sites to find events taking place around Dowfold House that you may like to visit. It's all very date dependent, and we'll keep it as up to date as possible, but forgive us if a few things become a bit historic. Also, if you know of anything we should include here, please let us know on enquiries@dowfoldhouse.co.uk

  • Discover Weardale - a specialist directory website focussing on Weardale - just fascinating. It's run by the Weardale Visitors' Network
  • A good place to look is the ThisisDurham Website, where you can look for the kind of event you are interested in, and put in dates when you will be here.
  • For news on Newcastle and Gateshead events, or just to learn more about the vibrant capital of the North East (One of Time Magazine’s Secret Capitals of Europe), click HERE
  • The North Pennines Area Of Natural Beauty is a stunning part of the world, with lots going on - take a look.